Northeast IT Food Industry Expo
October 6, 2020 • DCU Center • Worcester, MA
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Room D

Making Kosher Work For You:
Understanding and maximizing your your companies kosher program


Antioxidant Fiber Superfood from Pecan Shell




Room C

FOOD EVOLUTION: Is “Plant-Based” Just Another Diet Fad or Here to Stay?
Room E
R&D Tax Credits in Food Science

From Warsaw to Worcester, Importing Specialty Foods

FOOD EVOLUTION: Is “Plant-Based” Just Another Diet Fad or Here to Stay?
P.K. Newby, Scientist | Author | Entrepreneur
P.K. Newby, LLC
Going “plant-based” is all the rage these days, offering novel dining options for contemporary eaters. Is it just a fad that will slowly fall by the wayside, like so many other diet crazes, or is it here to stay? Dr. P.K. Newby will answer this question using a nutritional ecology perspective that considers health, environment, economic, and societal factors that continuously shape the way we eat, from farm to fork.

P.K. Newby, ScD, MPH, MS (“The Nutrition Doctor”) is a scientist, author, and entrepreneur with decades of experience researching diet-related diseases; studying how people make food choices and their impact on the environment; and teaching about why what we eat matters, from farm to fork. In 2012, she started her own media and communications company to bring science to today’s critical food and nutrition conversations and challenges—and fight junk-science in all the ways that she can. She is an inspiring thought leader who speaks locally, nationally, and internationally, and her newest book is "Food and Nutrition: What Everyone Needs to Know" (Oxford University Press, 2018). Other works include "Superfoods" (National Geographic, 2016); two e-books on employee health and wellness (Virgin Pulse, 2015); and "Foods for Health: Choose and Use the Very Best Foods for Your Family and Our Planet" (National Geographic, 2014). She also communicates with the public through her blog "Cooking & Eating the PK Way" and e-books such as "Creating a Healthy Diet: Change is Possible." She consults regularly and serves as a science advisor to or on the boards of several companies. Dr. Newby's passion for nutrition stems from a life-long love affair with food, from cooking, baking, and gardening as a kid to working in the restaurant industry. She was one of the “best undiscovered cooks” on ABC’s "The Taste" (2014-15), where she created globally-inspired, plant-based cuisine rooted in her unique Healthy Hedonism (TM) philosophy—and was the last woman standing with domestic goddess Nigella Lawson. She holds a doctorate from Harvard and two master’s degrees from Columbia and served on the faculties at Tufts (Research Scientist and Assistant Professor; 2001-06) Boston University (Associate Professor; 2006-12), and Harvard (Instructor and Adjunct Associate Professor; 2011-19), where she was an award-winning educator.

Making Kosher Work For You:
Understanding and maximizing your your companies kosher program
Rabbi Moshe Kaufman
Executive Director, KVH Kosher

Learn how how you can take control of your companies kosher program and make sense of your companies kosher ROI. Are you asking the right questions? Is your certifier offering an explanation of services? Are you aware of all the possibilities available for your company?
Rabbi Moshe Kaufman is the CEO of KVH Kosher the largest regional certifier in the Northeast and one of the Leading international certifying bodies. Moshe has been involved in kosher certification for close to two decades. His expertise includes the intricate field of kosher wine, cheese, and beef production. Under his leadership KVH Kosher, KVH has grown from a regional certifier, to an international company with interests the North America, South America, Europe, Asia, & Africa

Antioxidant Fiber Superfood from Pecan Shell

John Nizios, Vice President
Southern Reduction Company

Pecan Shell Flour resembles cocoa powder and has a similar fatty acid profile. Higher in antioxidants including resveratrol, than blueberries, raspberries and cranberries, the beauty of this ingredient is that antioxidants are accessible without having to digest fiber.

Vice President of Southeastern Reduction,Masters Degree in Fiber Products. Recipient of two SBIR Grants. Advisory Board Member of Valdosta State University Dept. of Biology.
R&D Tax Credits in Food Science

Erika Tutko, Senior R&D Tax Credit Consultant
Leyton USA

Many companies in the food and beverage industry are unaware that they can apply for this generous Tax Incentive. Whether it be a new cookie recipe, the latest all natural adaptation of yogurt or a new method of improving the shelf life of a certain product, there is a very wide scope of R&D in the food and beverage industry than can qualify..
From Warsaw to Worcester, Importing Specialty Foods
Janis Grover, President
As consumers continue to search for new specialty food experiences innovative products are supported by an unseen complex network of importers, distributors, brokers and retail specialists. Understanding how regulatory requirements impact channels of distribution is the key to successfully engaging these consumers.
Janis H. Grover is a marketing, new product development and sales professional recognized for successfully transitioning international ethnic products into the US specialty food market. Janis has executed launch strategies with brands from over 30 countries. She is a frequent keynote speaker at international and US conferences.