Dogwood IFT Food Industry Expo
Tuesday, October 20, 2020 • Cabarrus Arena & Event Center• Concord, NC
Show Information

Before you register take a moment to read this important information...

If YOU are not the person attending please avoid confusion on the day of the show by making sure they have read this!


Still not sure how it works? Contact us!

Tabletop Displays are anything on your table, regardless of size, that makes it necessary for the exhibitor to stand in front of the table These types of displays are welcome...but MUST be noted on your registration form! Because a 'science fair type' display and/or someone standing in front of the table blocks the view of other exhibitors these set-ups will be placed around the edges of the room to make it easier to view.
...please plan accordingly.

Exhibitors standing in front of their table will be asked to move.

How big is my space?

Each exhibiting company receives a 8 foot by 2 1/2 foot table, covered with a white paper/plastic table cover. There is no area behind the table other than for seating.

I have lots of stuff to bring...where can I put it besides on the table?

Nowhere. Per National IFT regulations all materials must be on top of the table provided. This means no floor displays of any kind, excluding a single banner stand! You may choose to bring a Banner stand type display but they may be used but ONLY if you have registered in advance.

What about my big table-top display?

We're happy to have it...but you MUST indicate that you are bringing it on your registration form! We put large displays (see definition above) along the edges of the room in order to maximize the visibility. This way everyone can see if a special customer is heading their way!

I handle two can they both best be represented?

Split tables are available for brokers and affiliated companies that need a smaller physical space. Each exhibitor receives half a table, 8 category listings, directory listing, reception ticket and all the publicity given to other exhibitors under their own name!
a. No more than 2 companies can split a table.
b. You must order both halves of the table...we can't sell half tables for you!

I'm a broker/distributor and want my name in the show material!

No problem. Brokers may order tables and place materials from more than one principal on the tables but all signage and directory listings will be under the brokerage name only.
Many Brokers/Distributors combine a main table with split tables in the same area.

This is my one chance each year to chat with my golfing buddy. Can you put our tables together?

Sure. Every effort will be made to place affiliated companies and friends together. However, BOTH companies must request this (in case they're not as anxious to see you as you are to see them!)

Why do I have to pay for sign lettering again?

Matching signs are required for all exhibitors.
Here's how the program works...
a) First time exhibitors and those who did not exhibit in the past year are required to order lettering for a table sign.
b) The signs are designed to be
left at the show for future use. We'll store them and bring them back the next year. (That way we won't need to charge you for a new one.)
c) Changed your company name? New lettering must also be ordered by you since new lettering has to be ordered by us!

I know the show hours are from 2:00 PM to 5 PM...but how long do I REALLY have to be there?

.ALL EXHIBITORS ARE EXPECTED TO BE IN PLACE DURING SHOW HOURS! Some attendees are only able to arrive later in the afternoon; some can only stay for the first hour. Arriving late (or packing up early) sends them the message that you aren't interested in seeing them...and you could possibly miss an important contact!

How do I get my stuff to (and from) the Cabarrus Arena & Event Center?

Displays and other show materials can be shipped to arrive at the Cabarrus Arena & Event Center no earlier than Monday of the week of the show.

Please mark all packages clearly with the following information...

Company Name
Dogwood Food Industry Expo, Gold Hall
October 20, 2020

Complete Return Address

And send to:
Cabarrus Arena and Events Center
4791 HWY 49 N
Concord, NC 28025-6204

Please be sure to have tape and completed return shipping documents. Pack your materials, attach shipping documents and bring your materials to the area near the rear entrance/exit; we'll drop them at UPS or Fedex for you the next morning.

Now...what do I wear?

This is a "business casual" need for a tie. The floor is concrete, wear comfortable shoes!

Check out the Group rules here.

Read the rules?

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